You will earn

You will receive 90% of all our income: both baking and approval.

10% cover transaction fees, infrastructure management and deposit increase.


let`s Bake it

7,912,870 ꜩ

Delegated to us

11,161,546 ꜩ

Our capacity

3,248,676 ꜩ

Available capacity

71% full

Baker Address


How to make a delegation?


Create Wallet Tezos at Galleon Wallet or Tezbox . And do not forget to backup your private key.


Enter our Baker address, which you can copy above and click delegate.

Used wallets


Your delegation cycle

Tezos delegation to PayTezos baker


Tezos blockchain assigns your delegation rights to PayTezos


rewards start to pile up


after, rewards are paid each cycle

* 1 cycle = ~2.8 days


How it all works?

Why choose PayTezos?

We are an experienced team that has been in cryptography and networks since 2015. In particular, we have been paying close attention to the Tezos project, from the moment it was read by the WhitePaper, in the 2015th year. We are in this industry for a long time and we want to support and develop it.

We also have enough space in our bond, and we don’t have a problem of over-delegation, so your bid will definitely be rewarded. We are directly interested in our common success. And the success of the Tezos project.

We value your trust and are always online to answer all your questions.

Let`s Bake it! PayTezos!

A node in the network that provides decentralization and transaction processing (the more such nodes, the more stable the network and the higher the democracy in it. The node in Tezos can be public (in order to attract coins from other network members for baking).

Baking is the consensus of Liquid Proof-of-Stake. (proof of bid)

Baking is the act of signing and publishing blocks in the Tezos blockchain. Bakers check all transactions and add them to the blockchain.

Baking is an innovative method of issuing digital money.

Delegation is a process in which Tezos holders can set up their Tez for a long or short term using simple wallet operations, and make a profit for it.

Important: your tokens are not blocked in the delegation. You can use them at any time.

When delegating you send coins to a smart contract, under the terms of which, bakers will return your share of the profits. As well, a smart contract does not allow you to lose your coins!

The average income in 2019 is 7.8% per annum, which over time and maintaining the trend, we will reach at least 5.51% per annum (which is also excellent, because it will most likely happen on the wave of interest in cryptocurrency - which should increase overall growth capitalization and Tezos rate to dollar / bitcoin).

It is profitable to buy Tezos cryptocurrency in your account.

Baking Tezos allows you to join the pool even with a small amount of XTZ. It is advisable to start with at least 1000 coins = 484 USD (03/18/19)

From the number of coins you put on baking. The greater the amount of xtz you delegated, the greater your profit.

Yes. You just assign us your baking rights. You do not transfer any of your XTZ to our account.

PayTezos will never have access to your Tez or ask you to send the XTZ directly to us.

Providing collateral to the network for baking, and all the risks we assume.

Our service charges a commission of 10%, thereby you get a 90% return of freshly baked Tezos back to your wallet. This includes: baking, approval and operating fees (gas commission + extra rewards).

We follow a dynamic fee model. Charges may be reduced or increased. It depends on the state of the network and its development.

Yes. We do not collect your data.

Not! Your keys are your Tezos! Never transfer keys to third parties.

Just copy our address to the delegation of your favorite wallet and click the "Delegate" button inside the wallet.

Our address:

Minimum delegation 10xtz.

We bear all costs for sending you your reward, you will get exactly what you baked with our service.

We pay all the rewards for each cycle. (1 cycle = 2.8 days)

Delegating the Tesos coins for the first time, it takes about 37 days (7 + 5 cycles in the Tezos protocol), before receiving the first payment. After that, you will receive new coins every cycle, to your wallet (address) from which you delegated.

This means that your total amount you delegated to us will increase with each payment.

You can follow your rewards at

as well as specifying your address in the widget field from the BakingBad service, which is located above.

If there is any problem, please contact us immediately.