The best platform for sale/purchase and delegation
of XTZ (Tezos) cryptocurrency.
Get newly created XTZ tokens through block baking.
Take part in staking and earn
high passive income without any risk!
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8,330,867 ꜩ

Delegated to us

8,668,825 ꜩ

Our capacity

337,958 ꜩ

Available capacity

Baker Address


Enter the amount you wish
to delegate

1 000 5 000 8 500 12 500 16 500 21 000

Enter the period
of delegation

1 4 8 12 16 20

Your reward:

How to delegate
Create a Tezos Wallet at the Galleon
Keep a backup of your SEED phrase.
*(other wallets can be seen in our FAQ)
Go to the «Add Delegate» tab
Insert the address of our baker  copy
and click on «Delegate»
* minimum delegation 10 XTZ
Reward payment schedule

Day 1

Cycle 1

You delegate PayTezos


~ Day 22

Cycle 8

Tezos blockchain transfers your delegation rights to us

~ Day 37

Cycle 13

Rewards for cycle 8 are unfrozen and received

~ Day 38

Cycle 14

You get your first profit

Thereafter, you get a reward in Tezos every 3 days

Our service holds 10% commission from the total baking amount

Here, you can view your payouts in Tezos blockchain

Frequently Asked Questions

We are an experienced team of professionals engaged in cryptography and networks since 2015. In particular, we pay special attention to Tezos project since the moment we read its WhitePaper in 2015. We are in this industry for the long haul, and we wish to support it and take part in its development.

Also, we have plenty of capacity in our bond, so excessive delegation is not an issue. This means that your staking will definitely be rewarded. We take direct interest in our common success and the success of Tezos project.

We appreciate your trust, and we are always online to answer all your questions.

Let’s Bake it! PayTezos!

A network node that provides decentralization and transaction passing (the more nodes, the more stable is the network, and the higher democracy it exhibits). A Tezos node may be public (in order to raise coins from other participants of the network for baking).

Baking is a Liquid Proof-of-Stake consensus.

Baking is the act of verification and publication of blocks in Tezos blockchain. Bakers verify all transactions and add them to the blockchain.

Baking is an innovative method of digital money emission.

Tezos allows its users to obtain rewards for their contribution to the network’s security, the process also known as staking (baking in Tezos). Staking is described as a method to earn passive income. To put it simply, staking process is quite similar to interest paid by a bank for the funds in your bank account.

XTZ holders can stake their tokens for a long or short term through basic wallet operations, and get rewards for that.

Important: your tokens are not frozen while in delegation. You can use them anytime.

Average ROI in 2019 amounted to 6,7% per annum.

This depends on the current stage of development of Tezos blockchain (number of XTZ tokens staked for baking, number of bakers creating blocks, etc.)

Just copy our address and enter it in baker selection window (when delegating) in your wallet, then click Delegate.

Our address:


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